Okay, I was just going to send this to Blaze (and maybe Bri if she wanted to see it too, but she’s not around right now), but suddenly I got really excited and wanted to share with ~the world~ that I FINISHED STYLING MY WRATH WIG!!

It took like 3 hours. orz

I’m weirdly proud of myself. Of course, this is only the wig (no makeup or costume or anything~).

(apologies for the disgusting mirror and the fact that my neutral expression looks terrified.)

Aug 14,2012 • 8
tagged #cosplay #me #my cosplay #my face #wig #wrath #selca
  1. rabbitsuperstar said: URGH I ADMIRE YOUR CRAFTMANSHIP *flails with jealousy*
  2. daemoans said: WOAH. You did a -really- good job! It does look…Wrathy.(can that even be used as a word..?) Love it!
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