Anonymous said: Surprise beautiful person! Once you receive this award, you must paste it into 8 people’s asks who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but its good to know someone thinks you’re beautiful on the inside and out. ♥

Ahh, wow, seriously thank you so much! 

Apr 28,2013 • 0

Anonymous said: You will seriously enjoy your time at CalArts in the Graphic Design department. Have fun!

Thank you so much! I’m really excited to attend. It really felt right when I visited.

Apr 23,2013 • 2

Anonymous said: Something very extraordinary is going to happen at the Long Street carnival.

(how’d you know, man? like what gives you that impression. what—what are you talking about?)

Mar 15,2013 • 1

Anonymous said: Congrats on getting into CalArts GD! Trust me when I say that you will meet great people and have amazing teachers (most of the time, anyway.) Best of luck on wherever you end up going!

Thank you so much! I seriously wasn’t expecting to get in—I was actually about to leave for a trip to all the schools I’d been accepted to or expected to be accepted to when I got the letter! Haha, so now I need to take another trip out. @_@ But I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

I’ve heard that Calarts is a really special place and I get such a great vibe from the students I follow and have talked to on here. Just hoping financial aid works out in a way that I’ll be able to actually attend!

Mar 10,2013 • 4

Anonymous said: did you really get rejected from early decision? damn, you're a lot better than some of the kids that got deferred. so weird.

yeah, i was rejected. :c thank you, though!! haha, i honestly don’t know how i would deal with the uncertainty with everything’s that’s going on anyway.

luckily i have a lot of other great options, and i wasn’t expecting to get in anyway, so its not too hard of a blow for me.

Feb 16,2013 • 1

Anonymous said: how many followers do you have? (:

192! As I’ve been running my blog for two years, I know I’m not quite up-to-speed with others who’ve been on here for the same amount of time. But I’m really glad that there are people who do appreciate my posts. ^^

Getting so many responses to my question the other day about losing followers (about 10 in five days!), was really a big shock to me actually and I’ve been kind of awe-struck ever since. I may not have a ton of followers, but the ones I do have are super quality.

Jan 25,2013 • 0

fictionisthefact said: O,P,Q,R!!!

Ahhh the other person took Q and I like talked forever for I’m just gonna do the others!

O: Do you believe in the phrase, “Age is just a number?” Why or why not?

I don’t believe that age determines someone’s maturity, but that maturity definitely matters in a relationship. If the people involved are on very different levels, it’s not a good situation (from my perspective).

P: What about “Love at first sight”? Why or why not?

"Hot at first sight" is definitely a thing, but I really just don’t think someone can love someone else just by looking at them for the first time?? Like, I don’t doubt that there can be a connection, but love? Not really.

R: Turn off’s?

I’m gonna answer this like I answered the turn ons one before (like, in relation to qualities in another person).

When people are really conceited or condescending?? I just can’t be around them wow. Also, people who just don’t like thinking critically and are super close-minded ugh

Jan 25,2013 • 1

tessomega said: you're lovely, you've done nothing wrong with your blog and the people that have unfollowed you are missing out xx

Ahh, thank you so much! <33

Jan 22,2013 • 1


this person would NEVER touch a pepsi

Jan 22,2013 • 1

fictionisthefact said: omg i just figured it out (i've been thinking about what 'carbonated ways' means for like the past 5 minutes i have no life or wait no i'm avoiding my responsibilities actually) but anyway you posted that picture of the empty coke bottles yesterday your anon IS A PEPSI DRINKER.

now that ive figured out who my anon this, this is the most ironic thing in the world.

Jan 22,2013 • 1