Though my posts are a bit erratic, I appreciate you very for sticking with me through this! I’ve had my tumblr for over a year now (17 months perhaps?) and I feel I’ve really gotten the full experience over the last 5.

Thank you, thickhoneyandstrawberries for pestering me until I made an account. I swore I wouldn’t until Hyunseung made a twitter, but I gave in, and he ended up making one (very soon) after I opened this account. Just last month, he deactivated @doublev89. I feel that there should be some kind of symbolism there… but if there is, it hasn’t made itself clear yet. One thing is sure, though—I’m not closing my tumblr any time soon!

derling-darlest, thank you. Tumblr has effected our friendship in both negative and positive ways, but in the end, I feel these incidences have made us stronger. I love your blog(s) and getting that unique insight into the world of your mind and heart.

herosandwich-, I’m really glad I’ve gotten to reconnect with you over tumblr. Though in regular contact, we really lost each other over those few years! I can safely say that your blog is the only one where I (should *hinthint*) be listed under the fandoms you post. Thanks for not getting annoyed with me yet!

Thank you ani-monster, for running a blog that can brighten the darkest of days. It gives me comfort to know there is such a sunshine person.

timetickingonme, I could swear my heart stopped when I got a follow from you! You’re such an insightful and refreshing person. Your blog introduced me to the feminist and social issues side of this site, and that has truly changed me. With a mix of your own interests, its a very comforting place to be.

Thank you, fictionisthefact, for being so fun. I truly appreciate your friendship and our craziness. I know I may send you an inappropriate amount of messages (and again, I’m sorry!!), but you’re so great. You embrace the happiness life gives you while being rational in the face of sheer stupidity. You were the first “tumblr-friend” I made, after getting scared off my so many before. Also, I still have to say: you have the best b2st blog around.

blarglemofn, you were the second tumblr-friend I made. Though our fandoms are usually way different, I still enjoy your blog (a blog has to be super good to do that). I hope you’re not creeped out by my constant replying to your posts (I love the reply button omg), but I have so much fun talking with you! I’m really looking forward to vlogging together next week. You’re so sweet and genuine and, seriously, if someone can tell that through maybe a month of talking on the internet—you’re very much so. I know you fall into dark places easily, but realize you’re not alone! I’m always here.

infjconfessions, you’re a wonderful person. We haven’t talked too much (though I did enjoy our short conversation!) but you run the most amazing blog. Thank you for opening an unbiased, infj-friendly location for us 1% to communicate. I’ve learned so much about myself through it, and it continues to change me for the better.

Finally, thank you, betse, my 100th follower. Thank you for appreciating the time I put into my blog enough to have it on your dashboard! I look forward to talking in the future—that is, if you want to!

This sounds like I’m accepting a big award—and I’m sorry—I know its not really a big deal!! However, I greatly appreciate you all, those included and those not (geez, I bet I forgot someone really important). I’m always open to new friends, so don’t hesitate to send me an ask, no matter who you are!

May 8,2012 • 10

booglemuffin said: ϟ (I'll ask you something :D what do you like to do in your spare time?)

I like to make vector art while listening to documentaries. o‿o  

Haha, I actually haven’t been doing it enough recently and its really upsetting the balance of things. D: Need to start back up again.

Instead, in my spare time, I’ve been looking at pictures of Korean boys.

Apr 30,2012 • 3