Please keep RiSe in your thoughts and send love her way. She’s still in critical condition.

edit: RiSe has passed away. Please keep her friends and family in your thoughts through this difficult time.

Sep 4,2014 • 115

lol a a Seilor Scout requested by Kuleah~! (I told you he’d look like Sailor Saturn though!!)

Jul 21,2014 • 21

quick chibiusa and luna-p cause i missed themmmm

Jul 21,2014 • 6

Suzuha in Daru’s hat for SuzuHashida~! This got a little (lotttt) messy but its nice to be using a tablet again.

Jun 23,2014 • 7

this is my friend nicole for father’s day because we couldnt hang out or go to comiccon. also she turned into some weird magical girl hybrid idek man

Jun 15,2014 • 4

drew my fav part-time warrior in celebration of rewatching steins;gate!

Jun 14,2014 • 8

Aug 23,2013 • 16

my idea of a knee?

Jul 1,2013 • 0


Jun 30,2013 • 9

Working out some art block with Cookie Thumper~

Jun 27,2013 • 56