i just succeeded in life

excuse my inability to look forward while taking pictures like these omg

Nov 30,2012 • 4

when in doubt, be your otp for halloween.

(this is actually an old picture because i could not do this today because van gogh exhibit but whatevs)

Oct 31,2012 • 12

Me in my Wrath (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003) cosplay.

Wig styled and makeup done by myself. Costumed commissioned from cosddlink, then altered by myself.

Taking pictures on your own is difficult (hence the myspace-look). Hopefully I can find someone to take better ones at Nan Desu Kan.

I’ve wanted to cosplay Wrath for nearly 6 years now, so I’m beyond excited about this. I don’t typically like photosets, but this is just so I don’t spam anyone’s dash with pictures of myself, haha.

Aug 19,2012 • 39

Okay, I was just going to send this to Blaze (and maybe Bri if she wanted to see it too, but she’s not around right now), but suddenly I got really excited and wanted to share with ~the world~ that I FINISHED STYLING MY WRATH WIG!!

It took like 3 hours. orz

I’m weirdly proud of myself. Of course, this is only the wig (no makeup or costume or anything~).

(apologies for the disgusting mirror and the fact that my neutral expression looks terrified.)

Aug 14,2012 • 8

(omg i keep looking at the list to make sure i’m not repeating or missing anyone. /bad friend) 
Also, I accidentally edited out the ‘goodbye’ so, here it is! Goodbye!

edit: I thought I listed you guys in alphabetical order, but it just now occurred to me that the ‘A’ at the beginning “Al-mun” and the ‘A’ at the beginning of Abby are in fact, the same letter.

Jun 30,2012 • 5

Apologies for the weird angle, dirty mirror, quick editing job, weird hand… really apologies for everything BUT it doesn’t matter!

because the important thing is this fab outfit I put together today. just look at it.

aren’t i amazing

Jun 30,2012 • 8

help i look like an idiot.

Jun 16,2012 • 6

Just doing silly stuff with my hair before bed when I realized I’d never tried putting a ponytail directly on the top of my head before! 

Then I took a picture, because yes.

May 27,2012 • 5

May 11,2012 • 2388via source

This is a series of pictures called I just got the best outfit and it has a yellow hood and it’s like I’m from The Village and I really like that movie.

May 7,2012 • 8