from like 3 weeks ago

my odd sister decided to give us non-alcoholic beer

swagphonse photoshoot commenced (which then led to a video omg)

Jan 8,2014 • 10


Sep 8,2013 • 8

this is officially my fav picture of us

Sep 8,2013 • 5

hahaha swagphonse

May 10,2013 • 19

i am literally the most unattractive i have ever been in this video i sincerely apologize

but maya asked for a handstand for her birthday

edit: lol it blurred me like no tomorrow im sorry

May 9,2013 • 5

i got my new clothes and hair cutting supplies on the same day

then i forgot my own identity

May 3,2013 • 11

Jan 27,2013 • 16

important announcement!!!!!

this outfit is cute

Jan 25,2013 • 13

(ignore this post i promise my blog will go back to normal soon)

but am i nero 

or am i mad

or i that a trick question

or isnt it at all

Jan 1,2013 • 9

when is my haircut because my face will soon be a thing of the past: the musical

Jan 1,2013 • 8