Bye guys! ^^  School starts tomorrow, so I’m going to be off until summer. It was really fun seeing you guys on my dash again. I honestly, truly missed everyone (even if we don’t really talk its like i feel that connection or something ???)

Hopefully by the time I’m back my Suzuha obsession will have subsided and you won’t have to deal with me changing the entire topic of my blog.

Jan 13,2014 • 1

amane suzuha is my role model

Jan 12,2014 • 2

you guys better be glad im back to school in a week. i’ve got a new anime obsession.

Jan 6,2014 • 1

i don’t know why, but i absolutely cannot take uninformed cos hate. D: i just get really sad inside because i love it too much?? been hanging out in the tag because its airing and im like ahhhh i cant stay here

Dec 21,2013 • 2

just logged into tumblr for the first time since the start of fall semester. woah. how is everyone???

Dec 20,2013 • 8

I’m going to be taking a tumblr hiatus due my first semester in college. I’m in an intensive program (edited for anon: graphic design at Calarts) and I’d like to get the hang of it before introducing other big time-consumers into my life again.

I’m definitely going to be back in the future! You can unfollow (or follow, if you’d like) but I’d love it if you’d stick around. I’ve been putting a lot of work into this blog for the last two-and-a-half years.

A year-and-a-half ago, I thought I’d just leave for college and make a bunch of friends there. I honestly didn’t expect to make the awesome connections I have (online and offline) since then.

I’m not going to be signing in, so if you would like to contact me please text me (if we’ve exchanged numbers) or contact me at 

(also, if you change your url and we’re close i’d appreciate being let know, even if through my inbox, so i don’t think you’ve disappeared!! i’ll probably still be checking up on your blogs, just not signing in!)

See you guys around!

Sep 8,2013 • 9

now that the manga’s over i look back and feel so happy i followed crona for so long im just

so proud

of both cronas 

and so happy i actually stuck to a manga for a character because crona’s worth it just

4 years of crona


Aug 25,2013 • 10

me today

Aug 11,2013 • 6

lol i love how the soul eater tag is just going about its usual business while the soul eater 113 tag is breaking down

Aug 11,2013 • 7

tag thing from bri!

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Aug 1,2013 • 1