don’t you hate it when someone otherwise cool is making your feel uncomfortable/unsafe but, because of that very fact, you’re afraid to bring it up with them because they don’t understand in the first place? and letting them know that it makes you feel that way might just lead to them abusing that knowledge?

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Let’s play a game:D: reblog this after writing one tiny scene you love from FMA. I’ll start:

When Scar told Al he could hear his sadness, hence he is definitely human

That epic brofist that Edward and Greed did right before Ed killed him 


Who remembers when Mustang barged into Archer’s office the minute he heard that Ed will be working under the latter?

when kimblee’s on the roof of the exploded headquarters and archer’s on the ground and they just staaaaaaaare.

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TUMBLR SAVIOR IS SO GREAT for so many years i was like ‘psh i dont need that i can do it i can take it’ but now im like !!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im gonna see perfume omgogmomggpommskleds,xds

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Netflix is like “How often do you watch documentaries?”
the top option is ‘often’. there is no ‘always.’ i feel like i’ve lied.

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How are people on tumblr so open about things? D: Not just perhaps darker personal things but just their opinions as a whole?

it would probbly be really good for me so i keep trying but its not working. TT advice?

Jun 19,2014 • 2

it mustve been two summers ago, i was panicking and this really nice fma rper talked to me over skype for like two hours. hers blogs and skype are either deleted or inactive now which kinda makes me sad but I also didnt know her very well at all. it was nice that she talked to me out of nowhere and helped me out of a panic attack

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just drank straight-up white distilled vinegar


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okay. i just spent two whole hours doing nothing instead of my readings. extremely frustrated at myself. don’t know if i should hiatus tumblr again but that would literally mean just like… two months of tumblr in a whole year. and i legit miss you guys. idk what to do.

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