im just listening to jinn and rockin out and 

punkily missing someone

or something.

Aug 17,2014 • 0

update: whose tumblr i just found holy crap

Aug 17,2014 • 1

D: missing people who likely dont remember me

Aug 17,2014 • 0


this summer i was trying to blog like most of the rest of everyone does. @_@ (meaning like, just saying what I want and reblogging what i want whenever instead of heavily censoring myself in terms of personal posts and content and needing to reblog certain posts in a certain order that i highly tailor)

well, with about a month left…. 

can i say that it didn’t work?

has anyone else had this problem? if so, how’d you get out of it? i’d had this problem since joining tumblr at the beginning of 2011 and just wanna blog without the intense curation D:

Aug 10,2014 • 3

feeling really 1/2 right now :c

actually more like 1/20 

or 1/100


Aug 2,2014 • 3

don’t you hate it when someone otherwise cool is making your feel uncomfortable/unsafe but, because of that very fact, you’re afraid to bring it up with them because they don’t understand in the first place? and letting them know that it makes you feel that way might just lead to them abusing that knowledge?

Jul 27,2014 • 2




Let’s play a game:D: reblog this after writing one tiny scene you love from FMA. I’ll start:

When Scar told Al he could hear his sadness, hence he is definitely human

That epic brofist that Edward and Greed did right before Ed killed him 


Who remembers when Mustang barged into Archer’s office the minute he heard that Ed will be working under the latter?

when kimblee’s on the roof of the exploded headquarters and archer’s on the ground and they just staaaaaaaare.

Jul 18,2014 • 35via source

TUMBLR SAVIOR IS SO GREAT for so many years i was like ‘psh i dont need that i can do it i can take it’ but now im like !!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

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im gonna see perfume omgogmomggpommskleds,xds

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